Batman is a superhero who protects Gotham from the villians, and he wears a gray or black suit with a bat symbol on it, and black pants and sleeves, with a batcape. He got a sidekick named Dick, and became Robin. After Dick became Nightwing, Batman got another sidekick named Timothy Drake, and became Robin.

Robin is Batman's sidekick and protects Gotham from the villians. He was a guy named Dick, but he became Nightwing. Timothy Drake replaced him, and never left the team, but left a few times in the series, and came back. Dick left a few times in the series, and didn't come back for a few episodes. Dick had green pants and sleeves, with a light red suit, and with a yellow cape. Timothy had black pants and sleeves, with a dark red suit, and black cape like Batman's.

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