Indy's new car is a Lego stop-motion film made by Shane77429. When Indy's car breaks down, he buys a Delorean Time Machine replica, and loves it. Disaster strikes when the car hits 88 mph, and explodes instead of traveling through time, but he ends up in another time period (1992 to 1992 B.C.). He doesn't get noticed by anyone since noone sees, feel, and hear him. He causes another explosion that doesn't affect the people of the same time period, but it affects and kills him. He ends up in 2045, and a landmine blows him back to 1992, injured and very close to death. He goes to the hospital, and dies in his hospital bed. A funeral is held for him, and realize he time traveled by explosions, and are shocked. They bury him and leave the cementery.