Mutt Williams (Also known as Junior, Son, and Mutt) is the son of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood. He wears a black leather jacket, with a light gray shirt, and dark blue jeans. He carries a knife and quit school that teches debate, chess, and fencing. He also has a motorcycle and fixes them for money, and had a stepfather named Colin Williams that died in the war, and Harold Oxley became his surrogate father. He has heard Ox talk about the Crystal Skull of Akator, and went with his dad to Nasca, Peru to find the skull, and return it to Akator before the Russians find it. He later used a sword for a weapon against Irina Spalko. He went through time in two videos, went to 1912 in the 1st, 2084 in the 2nd. His parents didn't believe him until they saw the portal, see Mutt come out of it, and see his bike fly in the 2nd movie.